Starring Wahaj Ali in the lead role, the short film Doodh Patti by Creators One has released on the YouTube channel Dramas Central.

Doodh Patti is a short rom-com about a simple shy love, when a newly married couple bonds in the kitchen while making Doodh Patti.

You have seen Wahaj Ali in some of the biggest drama releases of 2019, but Wahaj Ali in Doodh Patti is a totally different dimension to experience.

I mean, we are already in love with his charming looks and to top it off, Doodh Patti gives us a version of Wahaj Ali that is filled with love and romance. He is the prince charming that every girl has dreamt about, and his soft voice and adorable expressions make you fall in love with his character.

There is no denying the fact that Wahaj Ali is one of the most versatile actors who has worked in many challenging roles and given us some of his best acting performances.

One reason why Wahaj Ali is getting a lot of recognition these days is that he gives his 100% to whatever character he is playing, so when you see him perform, his character immediately clicks with you.

Wahaj Ali may have performed many diverse roles but “Salar” in Doodh Patti will definitely go on to be a fan favorite. The cute character definitely goes with his boyish looks and he brings out the innocence in the romantic story.

The on-screen chemistry that he shares with Minal Khan definitely makes the short film even more promising. His dialogue delivery is phenomenal, and even in the quiet moments, his expressions do justice to the role that he is performing.

Wahaj Ali has managed to prove himself in the industry in a short period of time. His electrifying performances and diverse roles have provided him the exposure, and he has managed to get the audience’s and critic’s praises and acclaim.