Addressing concerns regarding Bone Cancer awareness within Pakistan, Mitchell’s Fruit Farm’s & Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCH) join forces to support patients currently under Bone Cancer treatment.

Indeed, firmly believing in nurturing and nourishing a brighter future; Mitchell’s Fruit Farm’s has supported the cause though it’s Bottled Sauces, where the fast-moving commodity has been modified with Yellow Caps (representing global yellow ribbon) in hopes to support SKMCH services such as Pathology, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Therapeutic Services, Hospitalization, Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology/ Pediatric Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Surgical and Theatre Services & Pharmacy for the treatment of Bo ne Cancer.

Mitchell’s has made its way into the hearts of people, by becoming a loving member of every household of Pakistan and has always strived to give back to the community through its many CSV projects.

For each bottle sold, Mitchell’s Fruit Farm’s will donate to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust thus building upon its relentless efforts that has afforded it a place as one of the market leaders nationally, and gained it a respectable name in the market abroad.