World-leading smartphone brand OPPO today proudly launched the new OPPO A Series 2020 in Pakistan.

The OPPO A Series 2020, which includes the OPPO A9 2020 and OPPO A5 2020 handsets, is the brand’s latest offering for the mid-level smartphone market.

With its combination of high quality and affordability, as well as superb photography, gorgeous design and a long-lasting battery, the A series will continue to be the essential handset to generation Z youth.

“The OPPO A9 2020, named in celebration of the beginning of a new decade not only commemorates the success of the A series over the past ten years, it also welcomes a whole new generation of mobile users,” said Ali Kakvi, Director Marketing OPPO Pakistan.

“This new name also reflects our vision for the coming ten years. It highlights the brand’s latest technologies, stunning design, superb photography, powerful performance and perfect tuning to the needs of young people.” Now, with these two latest handsets, the OPPO A Series 2020 offers more possibilities than ever before!

With the release of the new A Series, OPPO is giving users more than just a communication device.

The A9 is a complete gaming portal that is both heavy on features and light on the wallet.

The OPPO A Series 2020 inspires users to “Play”, with its all-purpose 48MP quad camera that pushes the bounds of creativity, and a 5,000mAh Ultra Battery that provides even longer use.

It provides outstanding entertainment to users, helping them ease the stress of daily life, while inspiring them to be more positive and explore more of life’s possibilities.

Tailor-made and well equipped, it’s an exciting phone for young, motivated consumers who are eager to connect with the world, discover more fun and explore their curiosity.

Its impressively versatile camera technology broadens users’ creative horizons, and the whole handset offers an immersive entertainment experience and powerful performance.