KARACHI: Tabba Heart Institute hosted an event on "Dil Hai to Jaan aur Jahan hai" to talk about the
importance of a healthy heart and proactive lifestyle.
Observing World Heart Day 2019, expert physicians, consultants, and healthcare workers delivered
talks to educate the public about heart ailments, symptoms, and to promote the importance of a
healthy-heart lifestyle. The main objective of the event was to raise awareness about the most
common killer in the world, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) which is on the rise and has the highest
rate of mortality.
The Chief Executive Officer – Mariam Tabba Khan said, "We should not underestimate the
importance of a healthy heart. In most of the cases, cardiovascular diseases are preventable and
that is why we are encouraging people to learn more & more about their heart health on this years
World Heart Day. The golden rule, prevention is the best cure, is what we are talking about”, she
Forwarding the discourse on "Dil Hai to Jaan aur Jahan Hai" Tabba Heart Institute focussed on the
fact that the power to change is in our hands, and we should take the necessary steps which are in
our control.