Located in an unassuming street of Kh-e- Bukhari, Meat the Cheese is a small eatery with a big spirit. An interesting industrial-look meets cheese cellar design, a menu with a witty sense of humour and a staff that’s extremely friendly Meat The Cheese is a non-judgmental, unpretentious eatery but knows its craft exceptionally well. In any given period in the day, you will find a beautiful yet heterogenous mix of people of all ages, classes and tastes.

From college students to families, from boy groups to working women, from couples to work colleagues, from flip flops to sneakers, from once-a-month diners to regular urban out-eaters, from us to them; Meat the Cheese is a dine-in for all.

And that is because it does the one thing that people keep coming back to it for really, really well. It knows meat, it knows cheese and it knows the Pakistani palette (and appetite too by the looks of those hearty portion sizes)

As someone who remembers the menu at the back of my fingertips (which is probably why I haven’t been able to fit into my jeans these days), I have some clear favourites. If you plan to go there soon, you may want to remember these names:


Because plain fries are just too basic. This one is topped with a jalapeno-mixed cheese sauce. It adds the right amount of “spice” to the tongue and gets the taste palette ready for the main course.
The only downside is that if you are alone, it fills you up a bit too much for starters. Maybe, they should introduce these as sides instead of starters for those who don’t want to pay for the whole bowl. I will minus a point for that. Rating: 9/10


If you want to try their famous tenderloin steak as well as fill yourself up with a burger, the bold as barbecue is your best choice. Because it houses their steak slices instead of a minced meat patty. This one is surely the sauciest, tastiest burger on there menu.

The only criticism this burger attracts each time is that you can’t eat it without making a mess. MTC chefs- is there a way I can look less dirty the next time I have it?
Rating: 8/10


These deep-fried mushrooms stuffed with cheese and pepperoni are legit hype-worthy. I don’t think anyone has ever made these fleshy fruits taste so sinfully good while also not over-powering their original flavor. Rating: 10/10


I cant rave enough about this one. For a true meat lover, this is the best it can get. An authentic Chateaubriand steak (google it up!) cooked in butter right in front of your eyes.

I think the theatrics and the taste are totally on point! The price though is a dent on the pocket so make sure you are sharing it with a friend if it’s month end (it actually is a hearty serving) Rating: 9/10 (a point taken only because I had it yesterday and I am broke now).

Owned by three brothers who love food, guests and conversations; it truly is a restaurant of the people, for the people and by the people. If you are looking for a restaurant where you can laugh loudly, make noise and eat your heart out without being judged- this can be your next “happy place”